• A Heart of Stone

    A body of brick and a mind of steel. Harlem John ("Johnny") High helped build ---with his own bare hands--- the world-renowned Art Deco Waldorf-Astoria Hotel during his early years in New York City. This hands-on mentality at the company continues to endure.

    Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

    New York 1932

    Learn how hands-on makes a difference

  • It's All About a
    Strong Foundation

    Love makes the world go round. And it also makes buildings with soul. When Vision360 was looking for a flagship location to house their Global Collaboration Center, we helped them build a very well-intentioned building with one very important goal: changing the world.

    Vision360 HQ

    Orlando 2010

    See how strong relationships make for better buildings

  • We Rise to the

    In 1976, as the United States was in the midst of the worst recession in four decades, we had one project on the books. This unique project ended up changing the way we do business forever---and for the better.

    Florida Hospital

    Orlando 1984

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  • What is the
    H. J. High Way

    Join us as we celebrate this occasion.

    Learn more about our upcoming 75th Anniversary celebration

  • When Mother Nature Reigned,
    We Shined

    See how two hurricanes put up a fight but we still won.

    Indian River Community College

    Kight Center

    Orlando 2010

Let's Work Together

Since 1936 H. J. High Construction Company has been a leader in the Florida construction marketplace. We owe our longevity to accountability at all levels, the personal involvement on every project of our leadership team, the hard work of our talented staff, and a deep rooted knowledge of the construction market. It is our goal to put these qualities to work for you.

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We are dedicated to building only the highest quality buildings that inspire, educate, and further people's lives while enhancing our community.