Cranes Onsite

Construction Progress

Gulf Coast State College Advanced Technology Center
May 2011

The joint venture of GAC and H. J. High (GAC/HJH) continue to work on site and with foundation preparation.  Due to the poor soil conditions of the site and the loads to be imposed by the building, the geotechnical engineer required the use of precast concrete piles to carry the building’s loads. GAC/HJH began driving some of the more than 300 piles on March 7 and continues this operation currently. The piles have been delivered and staged on site.

As an area is prepared for pile placement, a large water hose is jetted into the ground to a prescribed depth (softening the surrounding soil) and the pile is lowered into place.  When the pile reaches the firm soil beneath the jetted area, the pile is mechanically driven to its final depth. The entire process is witnessed by a representative of the geotechnical firm to make sure the proper resistance is achieved for each pile.

The remainder of the project is currently in design with an expected release date for bid sometime in late June.

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