Mears Transportation Bus Wash

  • Size: 5,300 square feet
  • Location: Orlando, Florida
  • Architect: Anthony Lapore
A Clean Bus Every 90 Seconds

H. J. High constructed a new bus wash and detail building along with other amenities for Mears Transportation at their bus services facility on West Gore Street. The project includes a completely new 3,000 sf bus wash building with attached 800 sf equipment room, 1,500 sf new cleanout bay, renovation of the existing 1500 sf wash bay & building, completely new storm drainage system with retention pond, over 28,000 sf of new heavy duty concrete paving.

The project was completed in multiple phases all while maintaining the full operation and functionality of Mears existing wash and maintenance facilities. The new wash is able to turn out a clean bus every 90 seconds compared with the existing wash which take almost 6 minutes. The new building, paving and equipment enable the wash facilities to handle in excess of 600 buses a day at peak operating capacity.