First Baptist Church of Orlando: Sanctuary


Our 20+ year relationship with the First Baptist Church of Orlando has been a mutually rewarding one. Together, we have built approximately $60 million in construction projects with one of the most special projects to us being the church’s sanctuary.

The 250,000 sf sanctuary (the largest in Florida at the time) cemented our enduring relationship back in 1983. The sanctuary was a monumental undertaking and a testament to the success that results when there is a collective dedication to creating something truly beautiful and lasting. The project involved a two year dialogue to create a precise scheduling arrangement with church officials putting the project on the fast track in the most efficient fashion possible. Budgets were prepared in advance for each project phase and cost control was closely managed to make the best use of the congregation’s funding.

Standout features of the 6,000 seat sanctuary include the absence of interior columns. This creates a feeling of enhanced unity, expansiveness and unhindered light. To erect the space, H. J. High used long-span steel trusses.

Perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring aspects of the project is watching the orchestra. Of course listening is an obvious joy, but watching them lift into the sanctuary is a stunning sight to behold. The 20′ x 70′ hydraulically operated orchestra lift allows the orchestra to practice and load their instruments below the congregation and then rise dramatically between the pulpit and choir loft while performing.

The sanctuary at First Baptist Church of Orlando stands as an enduring reminder of setting imaginative, inspired and exciting goals and wherever possible, exceeding even the highest expectations. Our mutually rewarding relationship is based on decades of both effective teamwork and thoughtful friendship.

  • Location
    Orlando, FL
  • Size
    250,000 SF