Construction Management

H. J. High was the first general contractor in Central Florida to construct a project under the construction management project delivery method. When engaged to provide construction management services, we join the project team through a negotiated contract during the design phase and deliver the project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). H. J. High acts as consultant to the owner in the development and design phases, but serves the role of general contractor during the construction phase.

For the client, the primary benefit of using the CM at Risk project delivery method is that of budget management. Before the design of a project is completed, the CM is involved with estimating the cost of constructing a project based on the architect’s design concept and the client’s project specific goals or requirements. This allows the client to decide to modify the design concept at a very early stage if there are budget challenges instead of having to spend a considerable amount of time, effort and money re-designing and/or modifying completed construction documents.

Working with the architect and engineers, we bring value to the project by achieving optimum cost, constructability, schedule and product quality.